We offer top quality moose hunts in Alberta's most remote, untouched wilderness on the edge of the Rocky Mountains with little hunting pressure. If you want a good chance at a 50"+ moose we have the hunt for you.

Our all inclusive moose hunts are during the pre-rut in mid September. We hunt by calling the big bulls in close and by glassing large cut blocks in the morning and evening. To have a moose come to a call is one of the most exciting moments you can ever have hunting. The moose in our area can grow to 60" and can be very spectacular with three or four wolf catchers in front.

Our local guides and I will have the best hunting spots located and ready to hunt. With constant monitoring and scouting, we are completely devoted to giving our best effort to make your moose hunting trip an unforgettable and successful one. Hunters can combine our moose hunts with other big game hunts. At Timberline Trophy Hunts we take great pride in offering a complete wilderness experience.

Archery Elk

Season: August 25 - September 16

We offer top quality Alberta elk hunts in the very secluded Smoky River Valley in Northwestern Alberta at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Durring this season the elk rut is in full swing, making this a very exciting hunt. These hunts are done mostly by walking and calling. When a Bull responds and starts coming it will send a shiver up any hunters spine. Because our area is so remote and it is a 6 point or larger zone the Bulls can get huge. 

We strive to find and use the spots that have very few or no other hunters. Our expert local elk hunting guides get out early for scouting and we are very prepared when you arrive. With constant monitoring and scouting, we are completely devoted to giving our utmost effort to make your elk hunting trip an unforgettable and successful one. 

Cost: $5000 USD

Price includes:

  • 7 days fully guided hunting
  • Transportation from/to airport
  • Lodging and â€‹3 delicious meals per day
  • Trophy preparation
  • Trophy fees 

Price does not include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Moose licence $310.30
  • Elk licence $291.43
  • Wolf/coyote licence $12.40
  • Wildlife certificate $68.22
  • Bow hunting permit $23.20
  • Taxidermy
  • Meat Processing
  • 5% GST

Additional info:

  • Hunts may be 2 hunters per guide unless otherwise requested ahead of time. One on one hunts are available for an additional $1750/week and must be requested at time of deposit
  • Additional days may be added for $650/day
  • $400/day non-hunter coming along for the hunt
  • $200/day non-hunter wishing to stay back at camp​

Terms of payment:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit, payable by a cheque or credit card is required upon booking 
  • The remainder must be paid on arrival in the form of a cachier's cheque, cash, or credit card
  • ​If cancellation is required, the deposit may be transfered to another person


Call 780-552-5099 or email collin@timberlinetrophyhunts.com

Timberline Trophy Hunts

Archery Moose

Season: August 25 - September 23